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Who are the Coolest Girls in Burlingame?

This question is one of the most hotly debated topics of our time and will likely go down in the annals of questions as THE most important question of an entire generation.

Fortunately we gathered, with no regard to expense, the foremost experts throughout the world on this topic. And, as shown in the picture below, the greatest minds of our time (or any other time for that matter) on this particular subject have rendered the following judgement:


Of course, the answer to the question of “Who are the coolest girls in Burlingame” is Katie and Malia. As one expert explained: “This really wasn’t that difficult an inquiry. We were all in agreement with the results, and, frankly, it took only a few minutes to arrive at our conclusion.” Not to be disrespectful, he added, “I did appreciate the all expenses trip to the San Francisco area and I thought highly of the bread. The red bridge was nice too.”

QED. Question resolved!

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